Dress Code

Our uniform gives the pupils a sense of communal identity. We are proud of our school and hope you will support us by ensuring that children look smart at all times.

The children lead active lives in school and it therefore recommended that practical and sensible shoes (no high heels) and clothing are worn. Children may wear boots to school but must bring indoor shoes.

Children are expected to have sensible hair styles consistent with their age. Unconventional styles (including tram lines etc cut into hair) and coloured or streaked hair is strictly not permitted. Girls with long hair must have it neatly tied back or plaited.

Children may wear watches but responsibility for these must remain with the child. Children with pierced ears may wear one small stud in each ear. Other jewellery is not acceptable for school. All other personal equipment and belongings should be kept to a minimum and be clearly marked with the child’s name. Please do not allow your child to bring valuable items of clothing or property to school, as the school’s insurance does not cover personal property lost or stolen from the premises. Therefore, responsibility cannot be accepted for any lost items.

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